Security in 2012: Let's start at the endpoint

By Richi Jennings (@richi ) - December 14, 2011.


What security trends should we look out for in 2012? How should organizations protect against new breeds of threat? Here are my thoughts about endpoint protection trends, in The Long View...

The myth of the Trojan horse tells us you can't rely on thick walls and strong defenses -- not if your people throw open the city gates to your enemies. The same is true with your computers: I can almost guarantee that, in 2012, criminals will try to break into your network, by cleverly persuading employees to download malware.

Conventional endpoint protection can't defend against an employee tricked into running malware. That's why bad guys are more often using social engineering techniques against their victims. Criminals often carefully target an employee, tailoring their methods to the victim's role, or to aspects of their personal life. And as we lay bare more and more of our lives on Facebook, we make these targeted attacks easier.

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