Facebook mobile phone rumors reappear

As the next step in its mobile strategy, Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) is reportedly building a smartphone. Indeed, we're told that it's hiring engineers from Apple (NASDQ:AAPL). In IT Blogwatch, bloggers add 2+2.  

By Richi Jennings: Your humble blogwatcher curated these bloggy bits for your entertainment. Not to mention: Guess the FUNCTION of the THING...

Marc Ferranti reports:

Facebook wants to release a smartphone by next year, and has picked up former [iPhone] engineers...as well one who worked on the iPad, according to [a NYT report]. ... An effort started several years ago...fell apart when it became clear that the company did not have the expertise necessary.


[And] reports have emerged that Facebook may acquire...Opera Software, developer of browsers for desktops and mobile phones. ... [All this] come[s] within a week after Google closed its acquisition of Motorola Mobility.   

Nick Bilton has the deep-throated scoop:

Employees of Facebook...several engineers who have been sought out by recruiters...[and] people briefed on Facebook’s plans, say [it plans] its own smartphone. ... These people spoke only on the condition of anonymity.


For Facebook, the motivation is clear; as a newly public company, it must find new sources of revenue, and it fears being left behind in mobile, one of the most promising areas for growth.


If [Facebook has] the opportunity to continually put ads in front of people on a smartphone screen...the only question left would be to pick [a] ringtone that makes that ka-ching sound.   

And Jay Yarow says all the pieces are coming together:

[In] plain view Facebook is assembling the core applications needed for a successful smartphone operating system.


This week it rolled out "Facebook Camera." ... It has a "Facebook Messages" application. ... It has a Facebook app store. ... And it's reportedly interested in buying Opera. ... Other core apps like contacts and a calendar are already baked into Facebook...[and] it could probably get a Bing-based mapping app.   

But Jamie Condliffe wonders if Facebook is under-estimating how hard it'll be:

Perhaps rather ambitiously, [Nick Bilton] also suggests that Facebook might even release a phone as early as next year. It...certainly seems like Zuckerberg is still keen to give the idea a shot.   

Frankly, Fernando Fonseca is fed up with being fed fripperies:

The media will report these rumors...many times...one day they will actually get it right. ... [It's] utterly irresponsible journalism.


[Facebook] had its very shady IPO just one week ago. That this news resurfaces...just in time for another week of trading is not a coincidence.


In other news: Google is going to launch a YouTube phone... Oh, wait!   


And Finally...

Guess the FUNCTION of the THING    

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