Verizon Galaxy Nexus LTE pre-order no-show


What's the deal with the LTE Galaxy Nexus on Verizon Wireless? When's the release date, and when can we pre-order it? After all the foggy rumor shenanigans over Black Friday, we now have enough triangulation to be confident.

While several people have gotten no more than shrugs when quizzing Verizon staff, I'm now hearing more than a trickle of reports that point to Tuesday, November 29th as the pre-order date.

Those same Verizon staff confirmations are also echoing the previously-believed release date of December 8.

The most detailed and credible comes from Mike "micdawg" Peak. It's one of several that have been emailed to me, or sent privately on Google+.

Here's his story, with only minor editing for length and taste:

Last week I sent an email to Verizon letting them know how disgusted I was with the way they have handled the launch of the galaxy nexus. After multiple emails back and forth...I got a text message saying "this is [name redacted] from Verizon wireless I will be calling in a couple minutes from a 678 area code number".
When she called me I explained to her my issues. ... She then said "Well Mr. Peak, I can assure you, it won't be long.  Preorders are set to start Tuesday (November 29th). And the phone will be released Dec. 8th." She also then said she was going to get ahold of my local store to make sure they called me as soon as they got one in, and held one for me to ensure I got one in the first Wave.  Which I thought sounded like ********. But low and behold, Saturday night around 6pm I got a call from the Verizon store 1 town over (she apparently didn't Google the closest..) and they have my name down and are saving me a nexus, and will hold it for 2 days past release for me.

This pre-order date meshes nicely with what appears to be a date encoded in Verizon's Black Friday accidental advertising leak. So it seems likely that the subsidized price will be $200 (although it's actually $235 for non-upgrades, after the sneaky, mandatory "activation fee" surcharge).

Update 1: Let's not have a semantic argument about the definition of the word "confirmed". No, this isn't an official, public statement, blessed by Verizon Wireless' PR mavens. However, it is from Verizon, and it does triangulate well with all the other rumors that have been flying over the long weekend. 

It's also the strongest indication we could possibly have expected to have received during this period. Let me explain; here's my analysis...

Let's assume that the originally planned release date was to have been several days ago: it seems highly likely, given the European schedule and previous statements from Google. Now that it's clear there's an in-call volume bug, which has caused shipments to be delayed in Europe, it's reasonable to assume the LTE delay is at least in part due to this bug.

Verizon desn't want to "knife the baby" of other phone sales during what is probably the heaviest few days of retail sales in the entire year. It's completely understandable that Verizon would say nothing officially until after the long Thanksgiving weekend's madness is over.

These days, that madness period extends into the Monday after Black Friday (as an old-school student of Cybernetics, I refuse to misuse the C-word).

So, frustrating as it is, there's no way that Verizon would announce the release schedule until all the shopping hoo-hah is over. Given the earlier delay, Tuesday is, in fact, the earliest possible opportunity. 

Having said all that, although Verizon Wireless has sound marketing reasons for all its continued official silence and lack of clarity, it does precisely nothing to build consumer confidence in its brand.

Update 2: As I've said before, taking your frustrations out on me isn't helpful. I appreciate that many of you are sick of hearing no official word from Verizon, but pseudonymous venting at the wrong target isn't productive.

Update 3: The November 29 business day has started, and it's clear that I was wrong. Wrong about the pre-order date, and wrong to use the word "confirmed" in that way.

Thanks for all the comments, both critical and supportive. I'm sorry for getting your hopes up. You deserve better. 

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