Savvy, redefined

IT operations group gets word that a large group of users is about to be shuffled to new cubicles, reports an IT pilot fish on the scene.

"We made arrangements with a few vendors to get some data and voice ports moved or added a day in advance of the shuffle," fish says. "A few supervisors slated to change cubes decided on their own to move their own computers the afternoon before my crew and I were to descend on the production floor to take care of all that."

Fish hears about that plan, and goes to the supervisors' manager to explain that his team will be happy to do the work, but it will have wait until the next morning, as scheduled.

Manager heads off to talk to the supervisors and comes back with an explanation: They're just trying to lighten IT's load on this big job. Are you sure they'll be OK doing this? fish asks. "They'll be fine," manager assures fish. "These supervisors are a little more savvy than the others you'll move tomorrow."

Not long after that, fish gets an alert: The group's already overburdened server has just maxed out its disk space utilization. Fish has two of his team members stop what they're working on to run some forensics to see who had dumped what on that server.

It doesn't take long to find the culprit. One team member starts off-loading the rogue files and folders to a NAS device. Another member of fish's crew heads to the supervisor that caused the server problem to ask why she had dumped all her desktop folders to the group's production server.

Sighs fish, "Her reply was, 'I didn't know if my folders would remain the same once I moved the PC to another cubicle.'

"A couple of man-hours later, my guys are working overtime to finish up the current day's work, in order to free up the time for -- oh, you know -- the scheduled moves the next morning."

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