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How five vendors are using flash and SSDs

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Perusing the exhibition floor at SNW in Orlando this week, it was hard find any vendors who weren’t offering solid-state drive or PCIe-based NAND flash cards on their storage systems.

Some vendors, such as Texas Memory Systems fill a 1U appliance with up to 10TB of high-performance NAND flash cards, while others such as Nimble Storage, are using 2.5-in SSDs as cache in among a tray of hard drives to increase data write performance.

Of course, what really caught my eye on the exhibition floor was the black Lamborghini. Nimbus Data brought the $240,000 Italian masterpiece in to attract attention, you know: the fastest car meets the fastest storage. Nimbus sells modular all-flash arrays. The company recently cemented a deal with eBay for a 100TB array.

For a quick look at some of the flash card and SSD technology -- and the Lamborghini -- check out the video below.

Computerworld's Lucas Mearian interviews vendors with the latest and fastest solid-state drives at Storage Networking World Fall 2011.


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