Privacy alert: Verizon is now monitoring your mobile Web habits

By JR Raphael (@jr_raphael)

Verizon Wireless users, listen up:

Verizon Mobile Web Privacy

Verizon is making a significant change to its privacy policy for mobile users this week. By default, the company will now use a bunch of your info for "certain business and marketing reports" and for "making mobile ads you see more relevant."

This info includes the URLs of websites you visit over Verizon's network and also your device's location data. Some of those details may be shared with outside companies as well. Verizon says none of it will personally identify you.

You can view the full scope of the changes in Verizon's privacy policy change notice.

If you don't want Verizon to use your data in this way, you need to go to and opt out. The page has two different places where you can check "Don't use my information" for any or all of your Verizon cell numbers.

By default, you will be opted in to this new program -- so if that isn't what you want, take a minute now and change those settings.

JR Raphael writes about smartphones and other tasty technology. You can find him on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+.

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