More iPhone 5 / 4S release date rumors: Sept 2011

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By Richi Jennings. April 20, 2011.

Update 2: It's yet another Apple (AAPL) iPhone 5 release date rumor, although it's sounding more like an Apple iPhone 4S now. Anyway, some deep-throats in Taiwan confirm previous rumors that it's shipping in September. In IT Blogwatch, bloggers wonder how much more of this nonsense they can take.

Your humble blogwatcher curated these bloggy bits for your entertainment. Not to mention Apple Store employee attempts to explain Twitter to a buffoon...

Kelvin Soh and Lee Chyen Yee have been talking to their Taiwanese chums:

Production of the new iPhone will start in July/August ... will begin shipping in September ... [and it] will look largely similar to the iPhone 4. ... The sources ... three people with direct knowledge of the company's supply chain ... declined to be identified.


Apple sources many of its components from Taiwan-based suppliers ... some of them rely on [Apple] for about 20-40 percent of their business. ... Suppliers to the new iPhone include ... Largan Precision Co Ltd ... Wintek Corp and ... Foxconn Technology Co Ltd ... [which will] begin production ... in July or August before shipping components to Hon Hai Precision Industry Co Ltd ... for assembly ... two of the people said.  

  Josh Ong triangulates the rumors:

[It] roughly corroborates a recent note from Concorde Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo ... that Apple's so-called iPhone 5 would go into mass production in September ... that iPhone 5 will include the faster A5 processor ... an 8-megapixel rear camera ... a Qualcomm baseband for both GSM and CDMA models and ... an improved antenna design.


It has been suggested that supply disruption related to the Japan earthquake in March has contributed to the rumored delays. ... Avian Securities has also echoed reports of a September launch for the iPhone 5. ... [And] Ticonderoga Securities said that Asian sources believe the iPhone 5 is on track for an October launch in China.  

John Kennedy ist kein Berliner:

This may buy Apple time to resolve concerns over key component supply issues such as displays and processors. ... Apple's current battle with Samsung over patents ... [may] help, especially since Apple is Samsung's second largest customer for semiconductors.


Another issue that will delay the iPhone 4 is the expected launch of the much anticipated white iPhone 4 smartphone. ... There has been speculation that Apple may delay the iPhone 5 until ... even 2012 because of a shortage of ... components, particularly touchscreen display technology.  

So Seth Weintraub gives up his guesses:

The dual-core A5 processor and graphics enhancements found in the iPad 2 ... 64 GB of storage ... larger screen ... metal back ... new cloud-based functionality through ... iOS 5.

  We will most likely learn Apple’s thinking ... at the upcoming World Wide Developers Conference ... in early June.  

Meanwhile, PBF just rolls her eyes:

How many more times are various sources gonna reiterate that iPhone 5 is to come out in Fall?  

Oh, and Darrell Etherington sees the dead hand of Cupertino:

This is likely the most credible report yet regarding the ... schedule change. ... It might be part of an intentional effort on Apple’s part to manage ... expectations ahead of WWDC. Controlled leaks can be a good way to ... soften the blow of disappointing news.

 Were Apple to just ... talk about software and call it a night ... it might drastically affect investor, analyst and consumer confidence. ... If the news is something everyone expects ... on the other hand, the effect won’t be nearly as severe.  

And Karl Bode reports another alternative:

Another reason could be LTE. Delaying the launch ... could give AT&T and Verizon ... an opportunity to gain a full head of steam. ... The delay will also give Apple engineers time to manage the battery and design issues that will arise ... with dual-mode HSPA/LTE and EVDO/LTE chipsets.

 Some believe the iPhone 5 won't have LTE ... but it would be a poor choice for a company that prides itself as cutting edge ... in the face of Android LTE smartphone competition.  


And Finally...

Apple employee attempts to explain Twitter to a buffoon

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