6 tips: How not to be a spammer

Spam! (freezelight@Flickr)

Marketing people often need a helping hand from IT (but they might not know it). For example, you can help keep your marketroids effective, legal, and honest when they send bulk email newsletters and advertising. Read on to prevent your email servers from being blacklisted and protect your organization's brand, in The Long View...

Why should you care? Your job security depends on the success of the business -- email direct marketing isn't going to create sales if the email is stuck in spam filters. Also, inappropriate messages cause users to make spam complaints -- e.g., by clicking the Spam button -- or to blacklist operators, such as Spamcop. These complaints may prevent your future outbound email from reaching the recipients' inboxes.

Much of this advice goes right over the heads of many marketers. That's where you, the heroes of IT, come in.

Read on for six of my favorite "don't be a spammer" tips...

Don't use your main email system
Whether you use an in-house Exchange or Notes/Domino system, or an outsourced/SaaS/cloud provider, don't use it for bulk email. Just don't.

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