HTC: T-Mobile G2 will get Gingerbread

By JR Raphael

HTC T-Mobile G2 Gingerbread

This week, I started formally tracking the Android 2.3 upgrade for devices around the world. Despite the dozens of phones that made my initial list, many of you noticed the absence of one high-profile handset: HTC's T-Mobile G2, the successor to the Android phone that started it all.

The G2 seemed like a shoo-in for Gingerbread from the start. After all, it shipped with an unmodified stock version of the Android OS (those baked-in manufacturer UIs can frequently be a factor in upgrade delays). And perhaps most notably, the phone is a variation of HTC's European-based Desire Z, which we know is on-track to get the 2.3 update.

Still, I hate to jump to conclusions. Odd as it may be, we've seen cases before where alternate versions of phones aren't treated equally in the Android upgrade game. And the G2 does have a different software setup than its European counterpart, which utilizes HTC's Sense interface.

Today, though, I'm happy to report some good news for G2 owners: I can now confirm that HTC's T-Mobile G2 will, in fact, be getting the Gingerbread upgrade. An HTC spokesperson tells me the phone is scheduled to receive the update sometime within the second quarter of this year. In other words, if all goes as planned, you'll be feasting on Gingerbread by the start of summer.

UPDATE [7/27/11]: T-Mobile announced the start of its G2 Gingerbread rollout on July 27, about a month later than anticipated. The upgrade will be sent to users in waves, meaning a subset of phones will receive it each day and it may take several weeks to reach everyone. 

Looking for the Gingerbread upgrade status of any other device? Click over to my Android 2.3 upgrade list. It's always kept up-to-date with the latest info available for all Android phones.

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