iPad 2 & 3 tablet rivals: Another one bites the dust, as HP kills TouchPad

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Yesterday's shock news of HP's restructuring included the death of its webOS tablet and smartphone lines. Good news for Apple's iPad 2 -- and the forthcoming iPad 3 -- but lousy news for long-time Palm fans. Let's review where HP went wrong, in The Long View...

By the time HP bought Palm, its best times were behind it. Years of under-funding had driven away its best talent, and left it in a state where it wasn't capable of capitalizing on the webOS promise. HP arrived like a white knight, but failed to turn the business around quickly enough to respond to the competition.

Hindsight is 20/20, but HP offered the market a strategy that was, at best, naive, and at worst, sheer invention. That strategy is revealed this series of statements:
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When HP acquired Palm, it promised to "double-down on webOS." What happened? Development stagnated, with products delayed.

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