iPad 2 announcement: Review roundup

Last week's Apple iPad 2 announcement thrilled and disappointed in equal measure. While we were glad to see Steve Jobs up and about, his new Post-PC plaything wasn't all that some had hoped.

iPad 2 (Apple)
By Richi Jennings. March 3, 2011.

Apple launched its iPad 2 yesterday, with Steve Jobs front and center, making the announcement. Yeah, you'll already know that, unless you've been living on Mars. But what do the reviews say? What are people saying about the new pomaceous shiny? In IT Blogwatch, bloggers cogitate, prognosticate, and elucidate.

Your humble blogwatcher curated these bloggy bits for your entertainment. Not to mention More beastly Photoshop behaviour...


Jonny Evans "finally understands the iPad": [It's about time -Ed.]

I saw the launch of what could be the fastest-selling, biggest-selling consumer electronics product since the last one. ... Where iPad was media consumption, iPad 2 is media creation. ... The iPad 2 isn't going to be the revolution. It's going to film it. ... This is a collectively social thought enabler.


The iPad 2 has graphics power nine times faster. ... We have dual-core multitasking-happy processors, more memory. ... The PC will indeed be a truck. ... We'll buy them. But we won't want to carry them anywhere. ... The iPad 2 is a canvas ready to receive, share, consume and create our ideas in the post-PC age.

  Harry McCracken looks back at the rumors and predictions:

As usual, the predictions ... turned out to be ... not perfect, but impressive overall. ... Let’s recap.


Front-facing FaceTime camera ... faster processor ... thinner ... lighter ... more than the current 256MB of RAM ... better graphics ... rear-facing camera.


[But not] a higher-res screen, more than 64GB of storage, a screen that’s ... more legible, 4G, longer battery life, a removable battery, a memory-card slot, a USB connector, a Thunderbolt port, NFC.

Warner Crocker considers his thoughts:

If the iPad 2 is an incremental upgrade it is one that basically trumped any of the other Tablet makers and wannabes. ... Apple basically kicked dust in the faces of all those who want a piece of the Tablet action. ... I’m sure there are plenty of folks at HP, RIM, Motorola, Samsung, Google, and quite a few others who are quite depressed.


Already you’re seeing 1st gen iPads up for sale. ... All those 1st Gen iPads ... are going to be in quite a few new users’ hands ... users’ hands that aren’t going to be buying a competitor’s model. ... Like it or not, Apple continues to set the pace and raise the bar.

Shawn Ingram
has a suggestion if you're scared of eBay:

If you still don’t have an iPad, and and don’t think you need to extra speed and FaceTime ... on Apple’s website you can now buy the first iPad start at $399. ... All the previous models have been slashed by $100, so the base WiFi + 3G model is now $529.
For now you get a pretty good deal. I wouldn’t expect this to be the same situation as the iPhone. ... It’s more likely that Apple is just selling out the stock.

Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols sounds a tad frustrated:

Now, with the iPad2 on the runway, if Android, MeeGo, webOS ... want ... a sizable share of the tablet market, they need to make moves now or the iPad 2 is going to run them over. ... Everyone needs to go low on price. Forget about fighting it out on the high-end. ... If someone can manage to make a good, not great, but full-sized tablet for say $250, they’ve got a real chance of cleaning up the mid-range.
I’ve seen and played with, to name a few, the Motorola Xoom; the Fujitsu Stylistic Windows 7 slate; and a host of other ... tablets. None of them are competitive yet with the first iPad, never mind the iPad 2.

But Preston Gralla disagrees; he really likes the Zoom:

The iPad 2, is certainly an improvement over the original iPad. But when compared ... against the Motorola Xoom, the Xoom still wins.
iOS was tweaked but didn't get a dramatic overhaul. Android 3.0, called Honeycomb, is simply better. ... It handles notifications, multi-tasking and app switching better.
The Chrome-like browser built into Xoom trumps the Safari running on the iPad 2. ... Being able to run Flash is better than being banned from running Flash. ... When you buy an iPad 2, you'll be subject to the whims of what Apple wants you to download and doesn't want you to download.
The Xoom's built-in apps ... still trump anything built into the iPad 2. And ... you get nifty new features, such as vector graphics and 3D rendering in Google Maps.

At which John Gruber unleashes his fearsome fanboi-fu

‘The Xoom Is a Clear Winner’ -- Charlie Sheen, writing for Computerworld.
My bad. That was written by Preston Gralla.

And Finally...
Jasmin Noir: Beastly Photoshop Behaviour
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