Windows Phone 7 update FAIL: Restoration error C101002E 81080080

Samsung smartphones being bricked by first Windows Phone 7 update -- in some cases, at least. Read on for an unofficial fix if you get the dreaded Restoration Error C101002E or Update Error 81080080.

Windows Phone 7
By Richi Jennings. February 24, 2011.

The first Windows Phone 7 update has failed for some users, with update error 81080080 and restoration error code C101002E. There's a suggested fix below. Is it Microsoft's fault, or Samsung's? In IT Blogwatch, bloggers can't decide where to point the finger.

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Jeremy Kirk is stunned: [You're fired -Ed.]

Microsoft ... has pulled a software update for Samsung phones running Windows Phone 7 after the operating system caused problems. ... The update is delivered when a user connects a phone to a computer using a USB cable.


Microsoft faces strong competition in the smartphone market from ... iPhone ... BlackBerry and devices that use ... Android. ... Technical problems such as this one are not going to help.

  Preston Gralla calls the update "botched":

It's botched a minor update to Samsung phones that "brick" the devices. ... Then it compounded the error by apparently not pulling the update after it said it had. ... Several sites ... report that the update hasn't yet been pulled.


This is only the latest in the comedy of errors that has become Microsoft's mobile strategy. It released a smartphone OS well before Apple or Google, and then let it fester. ... The ill-fated Kin [was] one of the worst phone ever designed. The launch of Windows Phone 7 ... was underwhelming at best. And now it can't even manage to issue a minor update correctly --- or fix the problem when it discovers it.

Microsoft's Michael Stroh explains:

Contrary to some of the gloomy headlines out there, our preliminary internal data paint a very different picture. ... 90 percent of people who’ve received an update notification have installed the new software patch successfully. ... Of the 10 percent who did experience a problem, nearly half failed ... [from] a bad Internet connection or insufficient computer storage space.


Given what we’ve learned so far, the best way to prepare for your update is to make sure your computer has an Internet connection and plenty of disk space before you begin.


The smartphone world is complex, and even a small update like this requires a coordinated effort by multiple companies to pull off.

Stefan Conijn suggests an unofficial fix:

Here are the steps i followed. ... Follow these steps at your own risk! ... As stubborn as i am i tried to apply the update again, and it worked! :-)

However, Mary Jo Foley heard different advice from Microsoft:

I [asked] what those users whose phones were bricked could/should do. ... The word: “Contact your mobile operator or device manufacturer regarding your options for repairing your device.”

Meanwhile, Nicholas Kolakowski's words come back to haunt him:

In the not-so-distant past ... I suggested that the smartphone platform's rollout needed to be near-flawless in order to have the slightest chance of succeeding against Google Android and Apple iPhone. ... One high-profile flub with Windows Phone 7's software or hardware would risk all the effort spent touting it as a viable alternative.


I'm not sure this issue with the update counts as a catastrophe for the platform, but it's certainly giving Windows Phone 7 a burst of negative publicity it doesn't need.

And Finally...

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