Intel SSD line is in BIG trouble?

Inside an SSD (Intel)

ANALYSIS: Intel's new solid state drives (SSDs) offer some useful additional speed boosts, over it's previous drives -- the X25-M G2 line. However, it's not quite what it's cracked up to be. All does not seem well in Santa Clara, as we'll see in The Long View...

This morning, I settled down with a cup of coffee to read Lucas Mearian's article on Intel's "next generation" 510-series SSDs. But, as the caffeine hit my bloodstream, I became more and more horrified by what I was reading.

Could it be that Intel's SSD product line is in big trouble?

It certainly seems that way to me, and that has serious implications for the industry and Intel investors.
Read on to find out why...

I'm a big fan of using SSDs as boot drives on desktop and laptop PCs (and Macs, if you insist). I use them on both the primary desktop that I use for writing and the netbook I use for traveling and couch-surfing. I've owned one of Intel's G2 drives for nine months -- chosen after going gaga reading countless comparative reviews.

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