Sort of like the 50 Cent of sales, right?

Sales guy bursts into the office of this support pilot fish, phone pressed to his ear, and blurts out IHaveAVirusIHaveAVirusI'mLateForAMeetingFixThis!

Fish snaps into emergency-response mode and quickly starts the process of issuing the user a loaner laptop so he can make his unbelievably urgent meeting -- until suddenly something occurs to him.

"I happened to remember that it is unwise to trust what an end user says, and so I inquired what the exact symptoms of the virus were," says fish.

"'My screen is broken ... '

"I logged in and instantly understood the full scope of the situation. After a long sigh I changed the sales guy's display adapter settings from 4-bit color back to 32-bit.

"I sent him on his way without my loaner, but with a new nickname: 4-Bit."

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