The Lion MultiTouch gesture guide

By Jonny Evans

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There's a host of Trackpad gestures inside Apple's [AAPL] Mac OS X Lion. These are all described within Lion's Trackpad prefs inside System Preferences. Sometimes you might just need a list. For those times, why not Bookmark this page, or print it out while you learn? You can get a list of Lion OS keyboard shortcuts here.


[ABOVE: Apple's handy video guides to trackpad gestures.]

Point & Click

Tap to click

-- Tap with one finger

Secondary Click

User Configurable:
-- Click or tap with two fingers
-- Click in bottom right corner
-- Click in bottom left corner

Look Up
-- Double-tap with three fingers

Three finger drag
-- Move with three fingers

Scroll & Zoom

Scroll direction: natural
-- Content tracks finger movement

Zoom in or out
-- Pinch with two fingers

Smart zoom
-- Double-tap with two fingers

-- Rotate with two fingers

More Gestures

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Swipe between pages
User configurable:
-- Scroll left or right with two fingers
-- Swipe left or right with three fingers
-- swipe left or Swipe with to or three fingers.

Swipe between full-screen apps
User configurable:
-- Swipe left or right with three fingers
-- Swipe left or right with four fingers

Mission Control
User configurable:
-- Swipe up with four fingers
-- Swipe up with three fingers

App Expose
User configurable:
-- Swipe down with four fingers
-- Swipe down with three fingers

-- Pinch with thumb and three fingers

Show Desktop
-- Spread with thumb and three fingers 

Let us know all your favorite Lion shorcuts and commands in comments below -- help each other!.

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