Not as helpful on that desk as we'd have liked

This state agency gets a new boss, and he wants to make a few adjustments to the look of the place, reports a pilot fish on the scene.

"His secretary used to sit with her desk facing the wall, instead of his office," fish says. "Since he wanted a different feel to the office, he wanted her desk rotated 90 degrees to face his office door."

That means a request has to go to the call center, which in turn generates a ticket for the work to be done -- and that's not quite quick enough for a pair of non-IT people in the office who decide to help out.

They contact the call center and tell the support rep to close the ticket. Then they pick up the desk and rotate it 90 degrees, and the job's done.

When the secretary asks the pair about a power cord they've removed, they tell her, "Oh, you don't need this cord. All printers work off the USB cord."

Within minutes, fish gets a high-priority call from the call center: The boss's secretary cannot print and no longer has network access.

And it doesn't take long to figure out why. "The Ethernet cable had been severed when the desk was moved 90 degrees -- the connector was still in the wall receptacle, but separated from its Cat-6 friend," grumbles fish.

"And the cord they removed? It was the power cord for the printer, which was also networked.

"As I replaced the cord and cable and verified that everything worked, the secretary said, 'I guess they need to do their jobs instead of yours.'"

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