New sales figures show Windows Phone 7 sales go from bad to worse

Microsoft is out with new sales figures for Windows Phone 7 devices, and there's only bad news for Microsoft. The company now says that it has shipped a total of 2 million devices to retailers, with only 500,000 coming during December. Given that Google says it activates 300,000 devices per day, this is bad news. And a closer look at the Microsoft figures makes it even worse.

Microsoft senior product manager Greg Sullivan told a Bloomberg reporter that Microsoft shipped a total of 2 million phones during the last quarter. Previously Microsoft had said that it sold 1.5 million phones during the first six weeks of the Windows Phone 7 launch.

As Seattlepi points out:

A month ago, Microsoft said 1.5 million Windows Phones had shipped in the first six weeks -- from the Oct. 21 Europe-Asia launch until around Dec. 2. That means from then until the end of December, just about 500,000 more Windows Phones were shipped.

That 500,000 number is even worse than it sounds. Those sales are to retailers, not to users, so no numbers are available for the actual number of people who are buying Windows Phone 7 devices. Not every phone sold to a retailer was sold to a consumer, so clearly, the number is under 500,000.

Even worse, December is the holiday season, and should have been a peak month for sales. So Windows Phone 7 sales actually slowed down during what should have been the busiest time of the year.

Google says it actives 300,000 Android phones a day. So in a two-day period, significantly more Android phones are sold than Windows Phone 7 devices during the entire month of December.

Also problematic is that Microsoft still doesn't have a solid timeline for when Windows Phone 7 will be updated. Windows Phone 7 still doesn't have copy and paste capabilities, and won't until the upgrade.

The upshot? Despite the Windows Phone 7 launch, Microsoft appears to be falling further behind in mobile.

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