5 reasons to avoid Microsoft Office 365

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It's Office 365 day, and Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) employees are no doubt dancing in the streets of Redmond. They'll be celebrating the launch -- after a long beta gestation -- of the company's latest cloud service for messaging, collaboration, and good-old Office documents. Which is nice, but please don't all rush at once -- there are a few reasons why you should think twice before signing. Here are my top five reasons, in The Long View...

Why wouldn't you use Office 365? Well, you should be fine if you have no mobile users, nor MacOS users. Oh, and if your organization is rich enough for you to have a large budget surplus at the end of each quarter. And you have sufficient, competent staff on-site to manage it (despite it being a cloud service). Not to mention caring little for uptime or security.

If I were a Microsoft shareholder, I'd be bitterly disappointed with today's news. Read on...

5. Mobile workers can't use it 

Aside from Exchange support, Office 365's mobile support is extremely limited. Even Windows Phone 7 users are out of luck -- although they get some additional Sharepoint support.

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