Google: Nexus One Gingerbread update is coming soon (really!)

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Nexus One Gingerbread

With all the talk surrounding Android upgrades right now, some owners of Google's Nexus One are starting to ask questions of their own -- specifically, where's the Gingerbread?

The Nexus One, thanks to its position as a "pure" Google device and Android Developer Phone, is at the top of the list for OS updates. It was the first device to receive the Android 2.2 upgrade last summer, with its rollout starting just six days after the release of the Froyo source code, and it's expected to be the first to get Gingerbread over-the-air as well.

Android Gingerbread, though -- aka Android 2.3 -- was announced in early December. Google's new Nexus S hit the market with the software preinstalled just over a month ago. So where's the Nexus One's portion?

Google's answer: Don't worry -- it's on the way. A representative from the Android team tells me there have been no unexpected hurdles and that the rollout should be starting soon.

Previous clues reinforce this notion: Back on December 20, Google's official @googlenexus Twitter account stated that the Nexus One's Froyo update would happen "in the coming weeks." It's been about four weeks since that tweet was sent.

For whatever reason, Google isn't matching its previous six-day turnaround with this latest update. At the same time, however, it's hard to imagine that the Android team would unnecessarily dilly-dally with an update for one of its flagship phones. Samsung, maybe -- but Google? On an official Android Developer Phone? Seems unlikely.

So hang in there, Nexus One owners: You haven't been forgotten. Gingerbread is coming your way any day now, from the looks of it -- and with any luck, it'll start making its way to the rest of us soon thereafter.

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Article copyright 2011 JR Raphael. All rights reserved.

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