The five characteristics of a private cloud

We recently published an extensive article on "the bumpy road to the private cloud," which provided a huge amount of information on what a private cloud is, and how to get there (it isn't easy). I recommend taking a look! Here's a supplemental -- and much shorter -- way to look at the private cloud, courtesy of the folks at the Corporate Executive Board.

The five characteristics of a private cloud:

1. Scalable: High levels of utilization (e.g., through virtualization, and the size and maturity of data centers)

2. Accessible: IT customers can self-provision

3. Elastic: Appearance of infinite capacity on demand

4. Shared: Workloads are multiplexed, capacity is pooled

5. Metered consumption: Ability to pay for use with no commitment


Source: Corporate Executive Board’s Infrastructure Executive Council, Arlington, Va.

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