Mobile environment management

You know that feeling when you are looking at a Twitter stream and new messages pop up faster than you can even digest the previous ones?  That's the feeling I get when learning about the future of mobile. 

It all started a few weeks ago when I wrote about mobile device provisioning as a contributor to the success of bring your own device (BYOD) programs

Security clearly came to the forefront as one of the main concerns around BYOD plans. 

Then I started hearing about the App Internet.  The idea of the App Internet made me think that BYOD security is not just about securing the device... but about securing the application (and it's corresponding data). 

Then one of my readers, Andrew vonNagy, posted a comment that with BYOD programs, organizations will have to implement:

  1. Mobile device management
  2. Mobile application management
  3. Corresponding network access controls

Uhg.  I forgot one.  The corresponding network access controls.  Perhaps there are even *more* areas that should be addressed? 

Which is where I get back to my Twitter anaology... You see, I remember that I talked with Forrester Analyst John McCarthy a couple weeks ago about this *very* topic -- on film, no less.  But I got temporarily distracted because there were so many new messages "popping up" in my mind.

When I went back to watch the video, I realized that this is exactly what John was talking about.  That a more holistic approach, which he calls Mobile Environment Managment, should be implemented.  

Douglas J. Haider is a Consulting Systems Engineer with Cisco. He hosts a personal blog at, and micro-blogs on Twitter @wifijedi

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