Apple releases iCloud for OS X Lion, iPhone, and iPad at WWDC 2011

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By Richi Jennings (@richi) - June 3, 2011.

Apple (AAPL) is expected to release its new iCloud service for Mac OS X Lion, iPhone, and iPad at WWDC 2011 on Monday. So let's round up the pre-weekend rumors. In IT Blogwatch, bloggers read the runes.

Your humble blogwatcher curated these bloggy bits for your entertainment. Not to mention: Road Sage; When someone yells at you from their car...

Here's Hayley Tsukayama's foreword:

Everyone [is] piecing together the rumors to try to flesh out what ...iCloud ... will actually be. ... The most popular ... is that iCloud will feature ... remote access to your music ... the ability to play and manage your iTunes library from anywhere.


It’s also likely that iCloud will be a revamped version of Apple’s somewhat disastrous MobileMe service. ... The buggy system has been acknowledged by many, including ... Steve Jobs, as a failure.  

  Lex Friedman is less interested in music, more in productivity:

For now, only a few folks in Cupertino know precisely what iCloud will be. But plenty of us have an idea. ... My hopes for iCloud don't focus on iTunes. ... I'm more interested in how the service could ... improve my cross-device productivity.


My wish ... is that it includes Dropbox-esque live document ... synchronization between Macs and iOS devices ... in such a way that developers can ... easily ... include it in their apps. ... I could create a document in Pages on my Mac. ... When I go to my iPad, I can open the same document ... within the mobile Pages app. ... if I leave the document open on multiple devices ... each of them automatically updates on-the-fly.


The lack of such an Apple-endorsed syncing service is ... palpable to the point of causing would-be syncers heart palpitations.  

However, Jonny Evans seems more certain:

It will comprise a range of services, including ... social networking and computer services, such as sync. ... Apple's operating systems will see [it] creating a mesh across different services through partnerships ... with Twitter, or Facebook and Flickr ... and through ... extension of its Ping service.


Developer reports have suggested Apple is developing a 'Find My Friends' feature ... which could enable users to easily locate their contacts' social networks and other media streams.


Apple takes personal user security far more seriously than Google, Facebook or Microsoft. ... Don't argue with that statement, as in time we'll all agree this to be true.  

  But Brian Caulfield wonders if fourth time's a charm:

In June 1994, Apple launched eWorld. It was shut down in 1996. ... In 2008, Apple launched MobileMe. It got bad reviews. ... In September 2010, Apple launched Ping. It got bad reviews.


If it’s an online service, and it’s from Apple, there’s a fair chance it will stink. ... What will happen Monday, when Apple unveils ... an online service?


I have no freaking idea.  

And Finally...
Road Sage; When someone yells at you from their car...
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