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Anthony Payne: I might not put it in those terms, but I do hope that what we've talked about shows that it is very much the latter. We're really excited about the market. Things are moving so quickly and it's an interesting place to be. Customers are buying our products, which shows we're more than relevant. I think our recent announcements, particularly Balance, particularly multi-platform devices and the cloud...

We're not new to the cloud. It has been a core component of BlackBerry devices for many years. Services which sit between the device and the server have been part of our proposition for a long, long time. BlackBerry Messenger is probably the most obvious one. Developers will be aware of other services, Metrics, for example. What we've also done relatively recently is announce a couple of offerings which take the BlackBerry offering -- the device plus proposition -- take that into the cloud ...there's BlackBerry Management Service which is a small-business-focused solution that enables non-technical users to manage their fleet of smartphones...

We also announced a relationship with Microsoft to introduce a cloud-based version of our BlackBerry Enterprise software, the first iteration of that will be available via Microsoft Office 365 customers, offering them BlackBerry components like email and messages...

Q: Can you explain that?

Anthony Payne:
Our premise has been BlackBerry Management software managing your devices out in the field. What we're doing is introducing these capabilities on a software as a service model, so customers can subscribe to the same kind of functionality. What we've announced with Microsoft is the first commercial application of this. So an end user will be able to nominate a BlackBerry device as a client for Microsoft's services, and the BlackBerry crowd will negotiate with Microsoft's cloud to give the end user a great experience using Microsoft's cloud offerings from a BlackBerry device. We think the cloud relationship with mobile is hugely important.

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