Verdict: in absentia

Pilot fish who works for a county government gets a call from the courthouse jury coordinator about a printer with a problem.

"I'm not a network or PC guy -- I work on our midrange computer," fish says. "But they like to call me as I know their application inside and out.

"I do the normal quick check on the system. I find the report they're trying to print is stuck in a send status. The device seems ready to go from my system's perspective, so I decide to go up and take a look at the printer."

When he gets to the jury room, everything looks fine to fish. The printer has power, it's not out of paper, and no error lights or codes are showing.

Next step: check communications for the printer. Fish pings the printer's IP address. There's no response.

Except it's not actually a networked printer. Fish traces the cable from the printer to the print server. The lights are on, so it has power.

What it doesn't have is a network cable between the server and the data jack on the wall.

Reports fish, "When I mention it to the jury coordinator, she says, 'Oh, someone needed a cable for his laptop, so he took it.' I said, 'I'll go get another cable. The printer cannot print without it.' She looked at me sheepishly and said, 'Oh. I guess I should have thought of that.'"

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