What annoys you about Facebook?

Are you on Facebook? We want to know the quirks, issues and annoyances you deal with on that social network.

Whether you use Facebook to connect with friends or to manage your company's brands, chances are you've found the service lacking. It could be something inherent to the site (like confusing security controls), how your friends use it (to invite you to play FarmVille) or something the site doesn't do at all but should (such as offer a dislike button).

Computerworld's Ken Gagne will compile your most hated most desired features, then research the solutions or workarounds to make your Web 2.0 experience more enjoyable.

So let us know what you wish Facebook would (or wouldn't!) do, and we'll do our best to make it happen!

Thanks to everyone who responded! The resulting story has been published: Fixing Facebook: Tips and tricks for handling common complaints.

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