Facebook font size change: Download free fix for small text

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By Richi Jennings. November 5, 2010.

Facebook has angered users with a change to the size of its font. The new small text has people asking, "Who moved my cheese?" But you can at least download a free fix. In IT Blogwatch, bloggers also try hitting ctrl-plus.

Your humble blogwatcher curated these bloggy bits for your entertainment. Not to mention A Graphic Guide to Facebook Portraits...

Sharon Gaudin squints at her wall:

The type now is much smaller and users are complaining that it's hard to read. ... Facebook said the small font size is something of an experiment ... [but] did not say whether Facebook would change the type back to a larger font based on negative user response.


While most people see the smaller type size, some do not.

Leena Rao leans into the row:

It looks like the change is significant enough that it drew user attention as soon as the font was tweaked.


Many members took to Twitter to vent about the smaller font, complaining that the new size is difficult to read. ... The majority of Tweets ... seem to be negative so Facebook may not be keeping the new, smaller font for long.

Dave Parrack channels Lincoln (or was it Nixon?):

You can’t please all of the people all of the time. Facebook, on the other hand, doesn’t seem to be able to please anyone ever, especially when it starts changing things. ... The uproar may well lead the company to reverting ... or face a never-ending storm of abuse from people with bad eyesight.


It seems a little petty to complain about such a trifling matter when Facebook is guilty of so much worse. ... [But] maybe ... this is an attempt to deflect from a much bigger problem. ... Surely even Facebook isn’t capable of such deviousness, is it?

Arnab Nandi offers a solution:

As a heavy user, this has been causing me a lot of eye strain. So I decided to create a quick script to fix this. You can either:

Oliver Chiang has a simpler alternative:

The man behind the script is ... a PhD candidate in computer science at the University of Michigan. ... I’ve just tested it on my Chrome browser and it works like a charm.


At least for most browsers, you can use the browser itself to increase the font size of a page. However, this tends to increase the size of ... everything else on the page too.

Meanwhile, MG Siegler laughs and laughs and laughs:

This is pretty hilarious. I mean, how does Facebook not realize at this point that people are going to throw an absolutely ****-fit no matter what they change?


The price of success is that you’re basically not allowed to change anything.

And Finally...

A Graphic Guide to Facebook Portraits

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