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We're picking up on what happens and popping it in one place here for your edification. Scroll down for the latest news.

8:33 am Queues are already reported for the Stevenote, stretching round the corner from the keynote hall Here's a photo-Tweet, Queue At Keynote

8:15 am As of 8:15am PDT, the Apple's online store remains open for business

8:21 am WWDC is trending on Twitter, Twitter trend

8:23 am Over at Fortune they're reporting 11 satellite TV trucks and one apple-guarded mobile TV studio (likely for the QT feed)

8:46 am FYI: 9to5Mac has collated a few of the claimed live video feeds around the web, here .

8:49 am last minute rumor tweets claim iChat features and Apple TV. I say, lets wait for reality at this point

8:50 am 7 minutes until we start waiting, hall full to the brim and camera flash going off everywhere

9:00 am The turn off your phones and PDA's (PDA's) announcement means we're all paying attention.

9:01 am Steve Jobs takes the stage -- standing ovation

9:03 am Clad in his regular black and blue uniform, Jobs declares "It's great to be here", crowd cry 'We love you Steve", he says "Thanks, I think." Hmm,

9:04 am 5,200 attendees, 57 countries at this sold out event. Kicks off with updates on the iPad

9:06 am Two million ipads sold (no update there), one sells every 3 seconds, now in 10 countries. Steve tells a story about a guy who was using an iPad in a coffee shop who ended up attracting female interest, so he's saying iPads are "Sexy" I guess. Segues to show video of press coverage of iPad news reports.

9:07 am 19 countries will have iPad by end of JUly

9:07 am 8,500 apps for the iPad now, 35 million native iPad apps downloaded so far -- 17 apps per iPad, Jobs tells us

9:10 am Run down on apps, quotes a developer who says he made more on sales of Elements for iPad in first day than in five years selling Google ads on his site -- see what's coming?

9:13 am eBooks: 5 million books downloaded in first 65 days giving Apple 22% of the ebooks market. New to iBooks today will be Notes, Bookmarks and a page "displaying notes and bookmark" Jobs says

9:14 am PDF viewing now built into iBooks app.

9:16 am Putting the smack down against that there proprietary code argument that gets puts around, Jobs states: "We support two platforms at Apple. Two. The first is HTML5, a fully-open, uncontrolled platform that is forged and defined by standards bodies." The second is the App Store, curated by Apple -- now with 225,000 apps available, Jobs reveals

9:22 am 15000 apps submitted each week, now moves to tell us the top three reasons that maybe 5% of these get refused. (Seems appropriate time to refute the App Store disapprovals comments)

9:22 am Netflix for iPhone will ship as a free app (for a paid for service) later this summer, says Netflix CEO Reed Hastings

9:26 am You just know this will be a hit: Zynga ports a version of Farmville to the iPhone, called Farming, (Personal request: Mafia wars too, plz)

9:28 am More games demos - Farming, Guitar Hero --

9:29 am Guitar Hero now available at App Store for $2.99

9:30 am More good stats: 5 billion apps have been downloaded via the App store (as of last week). Apple has paid out one billion dollars to developers so far (on the 70:30 split)...Moves into talk about the iPhone

9:32 am Points to Neilsen survey which claims iPhone is second biggest mobile OS after RIM, observes " 58.2% of US mobile browser usage" - 2.5 times more than Android, *Thanks to Gdgt for that

9:33 am iPhone 4 -- "Stop me if you've already seen this". Jobs is calling it iPhone 4 -- not iPhone HD, not iPhone 4G, IPhone 4, at least right now. Sorted.

9:35 am it is the Gizmodo iPhone, 9.3mm thick -- 24% thinner than the iPhone 3GS. "In fact the thinnest smartphone on the planet", we're told

9:36 am Yeah , it has a front-facing camera

9:38 am - microSIM - camera - LED flash - second mic for noise cancellation. And those lines inthe frame? Remember them? They're apple's approach to building better antenna

9:39 am Suppoted standards (so far), Bluetooth, Wifi, UMTS, GSM. Much-improved resolution (calls it "retina display")

9:40 am 326 pixels per inch in the display, apparently

9:43 am Jobs is really pushing the resolution - best in class, needed to get special projectors to display the difference in the demo, that kind of thing. Suspect the iPhone screen res will therefore come in for particular scrutiny

9:46 am Network problems plagued the demo. Steve kept going in an attempt to show web pages in the end shouted out for Scott (Forstall) to help, then stopped web demo. AT&T my have to think a little on this, WiFi clearly being battered out there too... Steve not happy though, More Stats: 800:1 contrast ratio and -- as believed IPS, which makes for much better, well it is basically better.

9:51 am A4 processor. Battery accounts for most of the internals.. THis is very good: 7 hours 3G talk, 6 hours 3G browsing, 10 hours WiFi, 300 hours of standby.

9:53 am It is quad band HSDPA / HSUPA

9:54 am ( Quad band? Wonder if those Sprint/Verizon rumprs will turn out true?)

9:55 am New movement sensor, a three-axis gyroscope. This will be amazing, as iPhone will sense movement in six directions.

9:57 am Demos a Jenga like game - the 3D quality of this is amazng, I think - it underlines the significance of the new movement sensor. Toward a 3D interface for Mac? Possibly

9:58 am 5MP camera, LED flash, 5xzoom, and lots of clever tech (ambient light etc) which means you'll get better pics in different light conditions, so far as this scribbler can comprehend it.

9:59 am And yeah, the camera also does HD video

10:00 am And it does all the mObile me sharing, Youtube but -- here we go - a new Apple iApp: iMovie for iPhone. So you can record video on your phone and then apply iMovie transitions and more -- all on your handheld. Powerful stuff, indeed.

10:02 am This is cool: add still images, audio clips, edit video clips...you get location sensing, different title styles, there's even a bunch of build in theme musics -- good job the iPhone 4 will ship with up to 32GB of storage inside...

10:05 am Ken Burns effect, five built in transitions, you can select video quality - up to 720p... iMovie for iPhone will cost $4.99

10:06 am Here's interesting - now Jobs is moving to stop all the people in the room blogging about the event -- citing the Wifi problems earlier....there are 570 WiFi base stations in the room, Jobs says

10:07 am i anticipate the big surprise is on the way

10:08 am Gosh. This is going to mean something much more than it seems intiailly. Apple is renaming the iPhone OS, it is now called iOS4...and it will host 1,500 developer APIs.

10:09 am Personally I think this may turn out to be a major step to the next generaiton of Mac OS, but that's just me, and it won't be apparent for a while

10:13 am "The engineering team at gdgt HQ just made a good point: the “iOS” name is already taken by Cisco" Gdgt

10:14 am Gdgt is emerging as my favorite source today

10:15 am Shows off many of the features of iOS4, then hits us with a bunch of enterprise focused features (really important for CW rreaders, as it looks like AAPL have almost nailed it here, including things like Wireless app distribution)...

10:16 am And, in case you've been holding your breath for too long - yeah, Bing search joins Yahoo and Google on that there iPhone, as anticipated ...

10:16 am iOS 4 --- golden master with developers today, and final version will be "out soon"

10:17 am Jobs predicts 100 millionth iOS-powered device will ship this month -- that's a big addressable market, isn't it, don't ya think?>

10:19 am iBooks for iPhone - as you'd expect download once available across your iOS devices, same features as for iPad version. notes bookmarks and so on all automatically sync across all your devices -- presumably read a book on your phone get indoors pick up your iPad and be on the same page, that kind of thing, ah, media ubiquity. Is the medium the message?

10:23 am With such thoughts in mind, AAPL shifts happily across to telling us the bits and pieces it wants us to knwo about iAds....

10:24 am Note: The impact of the internet on creativity continues to be a move to a mass market low cost model. So AAPL's move to deliver iAds is an attempt to create a new revenue stream for developers -- but as apps become content delivery mechanisms, then isn't that the same as a cover price on a book? ANyway. Jobs says iAds is to help devs make money

10:27 am Nissan, Citi, Unilever, AT&T, Chanel, GE, Liberty Mutual, State Farm, Geico, Campbells, Sears, JC Penny, Target, Best Buy, Direct TV, TBS, and Disney are among brands signing for iAds

10:28 am NB: These will begin to appear on apps etc in the second half of the year,...

10:29 am Demo: Nissan ad for an electric car (which, dear readers, you can drive for 38 miles for one dollar's value of electirckery, apparently).

10:32 am OK, so Jobs reckons they have $60 million value of ads booked for the second half of the year, touting this as 48% of mobile display ads market. Question one: Is that by value or quantity? Question two: does this mean devs could be looking to grab a share of $36 million (60% of $60m)?

10:34 am Jobs exhorts audience to turn off their Wifi devices (does this include iPhones?) and moves to demo video chat

10:35 am And the one more thing isn't an apple tv, an itunes inthe cloud, a new MacBook air...it is Apple CEO Steve Jobs talking to that lovely British designer, jony Ive, while telling several thousand press and developers "please switch off your WiFI".

10:36 am Jobs makes reference to Star Trek Communicators.

10:37 am Video calling is over WiFi only and called FaceTime (wonder how Zuckerburg's gonna feel about that?)

10:39 am Interesting -- Appe is "working" with mobile/cellular firms to get FaceTime good for mobile. Interesting. Wonder if there's a QT-based standard that could help with that?

10:42 am Here's a little YouTube clip showing some interesting clips and pics all fascinatingly Ken Burnsed etc that made it to the video service in the last hour. Wathc it It is very short

10:43 am And no sooner was i thinking carriers and standardss than boom, Jobs says "and we're going to make Face Time an open industry standard". I mean I write this stuff ---

10:44 am iPhone 4 - black or white. $199 for 16GB or $299 for 32GB model

10:45 am AT%T make a pretty good upgrade offer. If your existing iPhone contact is set to time out any time in 2010 you can immediately get an iPhone 4 (for 199 or 299).

10:46 am And yeah, the iPhone 3G is over, now the iPhone 3GS is the $99 model if you wants it

10:47 am June 24 on sale for iPhone 4, pre-orders start June 15. That's in US, France, Germany, UK, Japan. Additional 18 countries get the new iPhpne in July

10:48 am August 24 more, September 44 more, when new iPhone will be avail in 88 countries, according to Jobs. 3G, 3GS phones will receive FREE iPhone 4 OS upgrades

10:48 am Upgrades will be avail June 21

10:57 am Network issues

11:25 am Apple keynote ends, Jobs thanks everyone, first promo video now available online here, first iPhone 4 promo

11:58 am And here's a YouTube version of the iPhone 4 promo

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