OpenWorld: Ellison bores crowd, but Oracle loves HP again

By Richi Jennings. September 20, 2010.

At Oracle's OpenWorld 2010 opening Sunday shindig, Larry Ellison gave a lackluster keynote performance, as did HP's Ann Livermore. As expected, there was much talk of private, enterprise clouds, but no hint of rancor between the feuding two companies. In IT Blogwatch, disappointed bloggers expect fireworks, but receive a damp squib.

Your humble blogwatcher curated these bloggy bits for your entertainment. Not to mention movie poster mashups...


Chris Kanaracus kicks us off:

Oracle CEO Larry Ellison ... showcased the Exalogic Elastic Cloud, a system containing 30 servers, each loaded with two six-core processors ...  interconnected with each other and storage via Infiniband. ... All told, Exalogic is "one big, honkin' cloud." ... A single setup is capable of handling 1 million HTTP requests per second.


Customers who question why they would need such awesome firepower should consider Exalogic as an ideal platform for application consolidation, Ellison said.

Timothy Prickett-Morgan talks Oracle/HP co-opetition:

No matter who gets the top job at Hewlett-Packard ... these two companies are going to have to partner and compete. ... So it is no surprise that ... Larry Ellison ... [was] joined on the stage ... by Ann Livermore, executive vice president of HP's Enterprise Business unit.


HP is rolling out what it is calling the HP Private Cloud Solutions for Oracle Applications, which is just a confusing way of saying BladeSystem Matrix for Oracle apps. Instead of calling them Matrix application templates, as it has in the past, now HP is calling them "cloud maps." ... The first job the new HP CEO has is to smack the marketing people who keep ... renaming HP's products, getting more and more nebulous with time.

But Ashlee Vance had hoped for a Ellison/Livermore smackdown:

Alas, there was no brawl, no jabs, no jokes and not even a hint of badinage. ... Instead, Ms. Livermore talked about the breadth of H.P. and Oracle’s partnership.


Ellison unleashed a torrent of super geeky slides that delved into the engineering work Oracle has done to make its bundles perform faster than ... off-the-shelf computers and software. ... One needs some sort of reward for sitting through three hours of PowerPoint slides as the precious remaining weekend hours disappear.

Sadagopan Singam sings sadly:

Oracle has revealed its cloud computing approach in three parts:

  1. If you want an internal, or private, cloud, Oracle will sell you the hardware and/or middleware. ...
  2. If you want to use Oracle’s software on a third-party cloud, Oracle supports Amazon ... and Rackspace ... and will support other clouds in the future.
  3. If you want to rent rather than own Oracle’s business applications, Oracle will provide those apps under a hosted subscription model. ...
Oracle also needs to define packages of its hardware and software components. ... I am also keen to find out how much across the stack Oracle intends to support external products say DB2 or other virtualization platforms.

Meanwhile, Dennis Howlett can't take it anymore:

Ann Livermore gave what must count as the dullest informercial I have ever witnessed. ... I don’t know what possessed [Ellison] to spend a good 45 minutes rambling on about the technical ins and outs of the Exalogic ... box.


Why did Ellison waste so much time talking about ... a $1 million box ... that maybe, just maybe, 5% of Oracle customers are likely to use? ... How many of the cast of thousands who are not techies were left wondering if Ellison had parachuted in from Planet Zog? Such was the extent to which he talked feeds, speeds.


It was excruciating. ... The sheer dullness of Ellison’s delivery does not bode well.


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