Get ready for gigabit Wi-Fi with WiGig and WirelessHD

By Richi Jennings. May 10, 2010.

802.11n not fast enough for you? Need wireless bragging rights? How does five or ten Gbps sound? In IT Blogwatch, bloggers watch the Wireless Gigabit Alliance (WiGig), Wi-Fi Alliance, and WirelessHD groups play nice together.

Your humble blogwatcher selected these bloggy morsels for your enjoyment. Not to mention UKrap...

    Martyn Williams feels the need (the need for speed):

The Wireless Gigabit Alliance has been developing ... a super-fast wireless data technology that can transmit data up to 10 times as fast as today's fastest Wi-Fi. ... The technology, dubbed "WiGig," ... should be able to attain transmission speeds of around 6Gbps.


The WiGig Alliance ... includes some big names ... such as Intel, Broadcom ... Atheros Communications ... Cisco.

Dean Takahashi notes a notable alliance alliance:

The Wi-Fi Alliance, which represents existing wireless networking players, is hooking up with ... WiGig. ... The combination means that ... consumers won’t have a lot of hassles when adopting wireless gear.


There are now 17 companies supporting the WiGig Alliance, which completed its specification back in December.

Glenn Fleishman calls it "good news":

This is terrific, and not unexpected. The two groups share many members, and a fairly common purpose. ...  A single Wi-Fi adapter in the future would handle 2.4 GHz for compatibility and range, 5 GHz for performance and reduced interference ... and 60 GHz for short-range super-fast data transfers.


The 60 GHz band, also known as a millimeter band ... can allow up to 7 Gbps in short-range data transmission ... with multiple channel configurations. ... The short wavelength means short propagation, mostly in room.

Gordon Kelly is impressed (I think):

This is a monstrous expansion of 802.11g ... which still dominates home networks and 802.11n, its troubled successor which took seven years to get to market. ... But IEEE is currently developing '802.11ad' ... which tops out at 1Gbit, but it is barely off the drawing board.


WiGig believes IEEE will need to come to a compromise. ... WiGig is made up of ... people who came together after the 802.11n ratification debacle. ... Its spec ... will be submitted to IEEE for approval in just two weeks.

But Darren Murph sees more co-opetiton confusion:

The rival WirelessHD alliance ... says it will support WiGig with dual-mode WirelessHD/WiGig silicon ... from SiBeam.


Hey, what would a standard be if we didn't have options?

Meanwhile, Rick Merritt digs deeper:

The two victories give WiGig a big leg up. ... But the battle to command this key turf for next-generation wireless is not over. ...  the market for wireless video, a key driver for 60 GHz networking, is still in its infancy.


The WirelessHD group vows to stay ahead of whatever WiGig delivers. ... Its version 1.1 spec ... can support 10 Gbit/s at the application layer and a maximum theoretical data rate of 28 Gbits/s.

And Finally...

British election rap battle

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