4 (more) great iPad apps

iPad development is moving pretty fast. My roundup of eight great iPad apps is less than two weeks old, and I already have revisions to the list. Here are four of my new favorites -- including one that knocks a former favorite off the list.

I'm so fickle. I know.


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  • NetNewsWire: I rely on Google Reader to help keep me informed of breaking tech news every day. However, Google Reader is barely usable on the iPad. The mobile version is too basic; it's meant for screens much smaller than the iPad. And the desktop version doesn't quite work; the buttons and scrollbars are too small.

    The $9.99 NetNewsWire app is the solution to Google Reader problems. It synchs with Google Reader and provides a front end enbabling reading articles, starring them, sharing on Twitter and e-mail, visiting the original Web sites using a built-in mini-browser, and sending articles to Instapaper for later reading.

    Privately. This free software lets you browse the Web privately. It doesn't leave a history of your Web pages or searches, and it immediately discards cookies. Privately automatically erases all its Web history when you hit the hardware home button, while leaving information in your main Safari Web browser intact.

    ABC Player. This free app streams TV shows from the ABC TV network. If you can't make it to your TV to watch Lost or Desperate Housewives, watch it on your iPad instead. It's not perfect; most shows are available a day after their air time, with some shows blacked out. But, hey, it's pretty good and it's free.

    Twitterific. This is my new favorite Twitter client for the iPad. It has a nice, simple, one-column view of your recent tweets, with controls for easy retweeting, forwarding a tweet to followers (a/k/a old-style retweeting), forwarding a post to Instapaper (with a nifty little animated arrow while it works), and more. Twitterific also gives you access to your Twitter lists and saved searches, and of course @mentions and direct messages. It's pretty much everything you need in a Twitter client. It's free for an ad-supported version, or $4.99 for an ad-free premium version.

    Twitterific displaces my former favorite, the free Tweetdeck, which I'm now finding just too cluttered.

    Watch this blog for more updates; one of the best things about a new platform like the iPad is trying out all the new apps. And now I think I'll see if there's a new episode of Modern Family or Cougartown on the ABC Player.

    Mitch Wagner is a freelance technology journalist and Internet and social media marketing consultant. Follow him on Twitter: @MitchWagner.

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