Android on your iPhone? There's an app for that...

Bored with iPhone OS? Frustrated by Apple's death-grip platform control? Well David "planetbeing" Wong may have an answer for you. He's successfully dual-booted Android on an iPhone. Yes, really! In IT Blogwatch, bloggers look on, in slack-jawed amazement.

By Richi Jennings. April 22, 2010.


Your humble blogwatcher selected these bloggy morsels for your enjoyment. Not to mention octo-vid...     Sarah Jacobsson says you can boot Android on an iPhone:

Yeah, you heard me right. iPhone Dev-team member Planetbeing ... uploaded a video to YouTube ... running Android on an iPhone 2G. ... It also had dual-boot.


By the looks of it, Android on the iPhone plays music, browses the Web, and even makes phone calls with no problems. ... There is a "button shortage" on the iPhone ... so Planetbeing has repurposed the volume buttons as the "call" and "home" buttons.

  David "planetbeing" Wong is the horse's mouth:

I've been working on this quietly in the background. ... Thanks to CPICH for reversing support, harmn1, posixninja, jean, marcan ... saurik for patches, and ... TheSeven for his work on the FTL.


Donations via paypal to planetbeing at ... Come join #iphonelinux on ... Hopefully with all this groundwork laid out, we can make Android a real alternative or supplement for iPhone users.

Alexander Vaughn is no stranger to hyperbole:

This is the single biggest news in iPhone hacking ever since the jailbreak. ... The implications of this are absolutely huge.


Just like you can do Bootcamp on your Mac to access PC apps, you’ll be able to go on Android to try all these apps that don’t exist, or were not allowed on the iPhone. Imagine for a second that Adobe manages to puts flash on there.

What's the catch, Quentyn Kennemer?

The catch is that this only works on 2G iPhones for now. ... The developer has stated that a port to the 3G should be fairly easy, and while a 3GS port would require a bit more work, it should be doable as well.


Everything isn’t smooth, and not everything works ... but WiFi is confirmed to be working, and it seems functional enough to make this a notable achievement.

The Force is strong in Sean Hollister:

The Droid you've been looking for might be right under your nose.


While the iPhone isn't the speediest Google phone around, it's not all that sluggish, either.

Stewart Meagher evokes the memory of George "because it's there" Mallory:

Doing something because you can do it is one of the strangest eccentricities of human nature. ... It won't put food on your table, or a roof over your head. ... [It's] all very jolly, and clever and all that. But still begs one very important question.


But Imran Hussain thinks different:

I have no idea why the hell would anyone want to ruin their iPhone by running Android on it.

And Brad McCarty listens intently:

That sound? It’s your iPhone warranty crying for mercy.

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