Earth Day quick guide -- where to recycle your electronics

We've all got plenty of old electronics laying around our houses and offices --- old PCs, monitors, cell phones, cameras, game consoles, and assorted gadgets. Throwing them out in the trash does immeasurable harm to the environment, including the potential leakage of toxins. In honor of Earth Day, here's a quick guide to where to recycle your old electronics.

An excellent place to start is with RecycleBank, which has a program for recycling cameras, cell phones, iPods, iPhones, laptops, MP3 players, game consoles and more. You send in the electronics, and in turn you get RecycleBank points that can be used to purchase products from a variety of partners.

The Reconnect program accepts a wide variety of old computer equipment, including monitors, computers, printers, scanners, cords, cable, software...pretty much any computer-related equipment you've got, they'll recycle. You drop it off at a local Goodwill store. Use this finder for one near you.

Most computer makers have programs where they will take back old equipment. Apple has one, as does HP and Dell, among others.

Retail stores are good places Radio Shack has a program where you can recycle old electronics purchased from the company, and get a gift card in return. Some Radio Shackstores also have walk-in centers for dropping off old batteries, cell phones, and similar electronics.

You can recycle keyboards, mice, speakers, and Dell products at Staples. You can also recycle your old toner and cartridges there, and get back $3 for each one.

Office Depot will sell you boxes you can fill with old electronics that they will recycle. There are three sizes: $5, $10, and $15. Check here for details.

Finally, check out which shows you where you can recycle almost anything locally, from electronics to glass, metal, plastic, hazardous waste, and more.

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