Apple sold oodles of iPhone 4, 3GS, iPad; profit up 78% (and free case)

By Richi Jennings. July 21, 2010.

Apple's profit increased by a staggering 78 percent in its third quarter. Mainly due to strong sales from the iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, and iPad product lines; but also a good showing from Macs. In IT Blogwatch, bloggers are astounded and dumbfounded.

Your humble blogwatcher selected these bloggy morsels for your enjoyment. Not to mention the 'other' free iPhone case...


    Rik Myslewski runs the numbers:

With today's announcement that the Cupertinians had pulled in $15.7bn in revenue in their third quarter ... those prognosticating ... Wall Street moneymen ... got what they were hoping for — and a billion dollars more.


It achieved [this] ... by selling 3.47 million Macs, a new record for a single quarter ... 8.4 million iPhones ... 3.27 million iPads. ... The iPod continued to slide, but with 9.41 million sold ... [it] wasn't that hard to take. ... [In the final] three days ... they did bring in revenue from 1.7 million iPhone [4 sales].

Varun Krish taks percentages:

Another amazing quarter for Apple ... a 78 percent increase in earnings. ... Apple has close to USD 47 billion cash in the bank.


Total sales ... up 61.3% year over year

Profit ... up 77.6%

Mac sales ... up 33%

iPhone sales ... up 61.25%

iPod sales ... down 7.9%

iPod touch sales: up 48%.

Philip Elmer-DeWitt calls it a "blow-out" quarter:

Apple blew past all but the most optimistic estimates ... reporting third-quarter earnings of $3.51 per share. ... Wall Street was anticipating earnings of $3.11 per share.


Apple's guidance, usually laughably conservative, was surprisingly positive: Earnings of $3.44 on revenue of $18 billion ... [next] quarter. ... Apple's shares ... closed at $251.89, up $6.31 (2.57%) for the day. The stock added more that 7 points in after-hours trading.

And Andy M. Zaky is amazed:

The big story in this report is Apple's aggressively confident revenue guidance. ... I've never seen Apple provide guidance so far above the consensus in the several years I've followed the company. ... Apple came right out of left field ... all but indicating that revenue will likely come in at the higher end of $19 to $20 billion.

Apple COO Tim Cook and and CFO Peter Oppenheimer talk supply and demand (via Robert Andrews):

Let me be very clear on this - we are selling every [iPhone 4] we can make currently. ... My phone is ringing off the hook with people that want more supply. ... High demand is never a problem. ... It’s a good problem to have. ... We do not create a shortage for buzz. ... The demand for iPhone 4 is absolutely stunning.

Meanwhile, Preston Gralla looks to tomorrow:

On Thursday, Microsoft will report its earnings. There's some evidence that Apple could beat Microsoft in this quarter. ... Analysts expect [Microsoft] to report $15.26 billion in revenue for the quarter.


This doesn't mean that Apple is a more profitable company. ... Microsoft will still beat Apple. ... Analysts expect Microsoft to report $4.1 billion in net income for the quarter. ... Microsoft relies on more mature businesses than does Apple, with higher margins.

And Finally...

Apple offers free iPhone case to tackle antenna problem

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