Holy Froyo! Lots of new Android 2.2 info

Froyo Android 2.2

After weeks of waiting, the gates to Froyo are finally starting to open.

Sprint shattered the silence this week by announcing the availability of Android 2.2 for its HTC EVO 4G Android phone. The news marks the first major Froyo development since Google's Nexus One received its Android 2.2 upgrade last month.

While Sprint may be the first carrier out of the gates, it certainly won't be the last -- in fact, other phones' Froyo upgrades are likely right around the corner. Here's the lowdown on everything new with Android 2.2.

UPDATE: Since this story's publication, Verizon Wireless has confirmed that the Motorola Droid will receive Android 2.2 next week as well.

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Confirmed: Android 2.2 on the EVO 4G

We'll begin with the big one: Sprint has confirmed its EVO 4G users will start seeing Froyo this Tuesday, August 3. The upgrade will be sent out to a subset of phones each day, with the process wrapping up by the middle of the month.

Don't want to wait? No problem: Starting Tuesday, Sprint says any EVO user can download the upgrade manually by going to the "HTC Software Update" section of the phone's "System Updates" menu.

Confirmed: Android 2.2 on Samsung's Galaxy S

Samsung has let the cat out of the bag on its plans for bringing Froyo to the Galaxy S line of phones -- but don't get too excited yet. Some headlines around the Web have proclaimed that all Galaxy S models will be upgraded to Android 2.2 in September. That's only partially true.

The Galaxy S buzz stems from a message sent by Samsung's U.K. division on Twitter. The account, which is basically a Galaxy S news and support feed, posted the following update on Thursday:

We've seen a lot of Q's about the Froyo update; it's currently in development & will be released for all networks at the end of September

This message, despite what some chatter has implied, does not apply to any users outside of the U.K. A Samsung spokesperson confirmed to me that Galaxy S phones in the U.S. will be upgraded to Android 2.2 but that no definite time frame has been set so far.

Official: Android 2.2 on the HTC Desire

HTC has confirmed it'll begin its Android 2.2 rollout to European owners of the HTC Desire this coming weekend (July 31 - August 1). According to HTC, unlocked Desire phones will receive the update first. Carrier-bound devices will follow "several weeks" later.

Unofficial: Android 2.2 on All Droids Next Week

UPDATE: As mentioned above, Verizon Wireless confirmed late Friday that the original Motorola Droid will receive the Android 2.2 upgrade next week. There is no official word yet on the status of the Droid X or the Droid Incredible. For the full story, see "Android 2.2 hitting Motorola Droid next week."

File this one under the rumor pile, but recent word on the Web suggests Verizon's Motorola Droid, Droid X, and Droid Incredible could all feast on Froyo next week. An unnamed "Verizon tipster" tells AndroidSpin.com the trio of devices will receive the 2.2 upgrade simultaneously starting Friday, August 6. According to Android Spin, the rollout will take about a week to complete.

Remember: This is absolutely not confirmed, so take it with a grain of salt. We've seen these kinds of rumors pop up plenty of times before, and they frequently don't pan out.

That said, some screenshots have recently surfaced showing what appears to be Froyo running on Droid X and Droid Incredible handsets. If legit, these could very well be signs of Verizon testing the rollout with limited groups of users; we saw the same thing occur at the start of Google's Nexus One Froyo launch. Previous blog-based leaks have also supported the idea of a late July or early August launch for all three Droid devices, so it's certainly within the realm of possibility.

Officially, the Motorola Droid and Droid X are slated for a "late summer" upgrade date. The only firm info released about the Droid Incredible points to an upgrade in the "second half of this year."

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Unofficial: Android 2.2 on the New Droid 2 

The phone hasn't even been announced yet, but more and more signs are suggesting Verizon's upcoming Droid 2 could be the first device to ship with Froyo. Android blog droid-life.com has obtained screenshots that appear to show the phone running Android 2.2. The site has also published an apparent copy of the phone's user manual, which includes mentions of Froyo-specific features.

As for the timing, the Droid 2 is widely expected to launch in early August, with some speculation pointing to the 12th as the date to watch. Droid 2 cases have even reportedly popped up in Best Buy stores this week, so the odds of the phone surfacing soon are looking increasingly good.

Android 2.2: The Rest of the Android Pack

For most other Android phones, little has changed in the way of Froyo status; some are simply awaiting specific rollout dates, while others are sitting in a gray area of upgrade uncertainty.

You can track the latest Froyo info for your Android phone at my Android 2.2 upgrade list. It's regularly updated as new details become available, and sprinkles are always included.


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