RIM BlackBerry 9800 soon to challenge iPhone 4 (and USB thingy)

By Richi Jennings. July 28, 2010.

Research In Motion has announced an announcement. In a PR style reminiscent of Apple, it's teasing an August event that many believe is the unveiling of the super-secret BlackBerry 9800, on AT&T's network. In IT Blogwatch, bloggers' thumbs are poised over their tiny keyboards.

Your humble blogwatcher selected these bloggy morsels for your enjoyment. Not to mention another stupid USB gadget...


Hugo Miller has the lay of the land:

Research In Motion Ltd., maker of the BlackBerry smartphone, plans to hold an event Aug. 3 ... may be a debut of a new model with a slide-out keyboard. ... RIM, best known for handsets with a full keyboard, has struggled to create a touch-screen device that can compete with Apple Inc.’s iPhone.


It’s an important chance for RIM to prove its critics wrong. ... In Nasdaq Stock Market trading ... [RIMM] has declined 21 percent this year while Apple has gained 25 percent. ... Co-Chief Executive Officer Jim Balsillie told analysts last month that RIM plans to introduce two devices around the end of the quarter.

Sascha Segan says some supplementary stuff:

While RIM isn't coming out and saying it, ... the announcement ... strongly implies the new BlackBerry 6 OS will be shown on an AT&T phone. ... RIM has been teasing the new features of BlackBerry 6 for a while. ... We saw a demo, which showed off on-device search and a WebKit-based browser [and] RIM touted BlackBerry 6's easy-to-use media functions and a new podcasting app.


RIM needs a boost in a market where mindshare is more and more dominated by Apple and Android. ... BlackBerry is still the number-one smartphone platform in the U.S. by market share, [but] pundits consider RIM to be behind its peers when it comes to slick interfaces, apps, and Web.

RIM's Joey Benedek crows about BBOS6's "user experience":

The redesign of the Home Screen in BlackBerry 6 is fresh, but familiar. ... Much like a home renovation still ‘feels’ like home, but is actually new. ... We are introducing two new ‘quick access areas’ ... One is designed to allow you to have quick access to the Connections, Alarm and Options screens ... with one click. ... The other ... is designed to enable you to view your most recent messages ... phone calls, upcoming appointments, Facebook and Twitter notifications.


The BlackBerry Home Screen also now includes a powerful Universal Search. ... The same search query can also be used to search the web as well. ... We found that users were overwhelmed by all the icons and details ... so we implemented the five views and swiping pane for easier viewing. We also ... created the Downloads view on the Home Screen.

Jonathan S. Geller cuts to the chase:

RIM isn’t coming out and saying it, but let’s not beat around the bush … this is to announce the much-talked about BlackBerry 9800 touchscreen slider with BlackBerry OS 6. ... It’s great to see BlackBerry get back in the ring. Let’s just hope they throw some knock out punches in this round.

But Kevin Schram says that RIM has, in fact, sort-of confirmed it:

Need some proof that the ’9800 will be shown off next week? The phone has been added to ... App World, RIM’s app store for the BB platform. The developer submission page ... now allows developers to add the “9800? to the list of specified support devices. ... BB OS 6 has been added to the “minimum OS” requirements as well. Wow!


The 9800 has really intrigued some in the BlackBerry community the past few months. It’s got a touchscreen, but ... retains the classic BlackBerry keyboard. It’ll have 512MB of RAM and should be the first phone to ship with BB6.

Ionut Arghire speculates to accumulate:

Among the features that BlackBerry 9800 would include, courtesy of its hardware specs and of that BlackBerry 6 OS ... we can count a nice range of enhanced multimedia capabilities, as well as a fast WebKit browser ... with tabbed browsing and “pinch-to-zoom” functionality.

And Finally...

USB toothbrush sterilizer? SRSLY?

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