Seeing is believing

Shortly after starting his new job, this sysadmin pilot fish begins to hear stories about the IT manager.

"It seems that he was known for putting the staff in impossible situations," says fish. "He would attend planning meetings and agree to criteria that simply couldn't be met, then tell everyone to just make it happen. Of course, the consequences were our fault as well.

"I wasn't sure I believed the stories -- they seemed too far-fetched. No one could be that short-sighted."

Then one day fish and his team go to the IT manager to explain the need for more file server capacity. They have the data showing current capacity, growth over time and the expected date when they'll hit the wall.

IT manager's only response: "No."

So the team goes looking for other options, and identifies files on users' home drives that can be removed to increase capacity without impacting the business. They bring the new proposal to the IT manager.

His response: "No deleting users' personal files."

But we either need to increase capacity or reduce consumption, fish points out.


No to what? fish asks. If we don't increase storage or decrease usage, the file server is going to crash.

"That file server had better not crash," IT manager says loudly, jabbing his finger in fish's direction. "It's your job to make sure that doesn't happen!"

Then he turns and walks out the door.

"I couldn't believe the edict," says fish. "Eventually we went over his head and got the additional storage.

"After several other incidents, he is now gone."

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