Your tax dollars at work

Pilot fish at this government agency gets orders to install a large plotter that has been moved from one building to another.

"Fortunately, the printer was in my building, so I was able to go downstairs and program the network information into it myself," says fish. "I then went back upstairs to my desk, set up the print queue and called the user to have him print a drawing to test it."

User tells fish, "OK, I'll meet you in the lobby in about 10 minutes."

He must be in the middle of something, fish figures. So fish hits a few short items on his own to-do list, then heads down to meet the user.

After waiting for a minute or so, the user walks in through the front door.

Sorry, fish says, have you been out? If I'd known, I'd have arranged this for later.

"Oh, no," says user. "I work down the road at headquarters."

Hmm, says fish. I know it's a big printer, but isn't there space for it down there?

"Yes, there's plenty of room down there," user replies. "But the boss says that it's too ugly and doesn't fit in with the office's aesthetic."

Sighs fish, "So every time he needs to use the printer, he has to walk down the road to our office to collect a very large-scale drawing. That's going to be interesting come the winter!"

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