Apple confirms stupid design of iPhone 4 antenna (and cheese pull)

By Richi Jennings. July 7, 2010.

It's the issue that won't go away. Now Apple has effectively confirmed a design flaw in the iPhone 4 antenna. In IT Blogwatch, bloggers give it a mixed reception (sorry).

iPhone 4

Your humble blogwatcher selected these bloggy morsels for your enjoyment. Not to mention pulling the cheese...


    In case you've been living in a cave, here's your humble blogwatcher's Friday feeling:

Apple has issued a statement about the iPhone 4 reception issues and the problems caused by touching the antenna. ... It's all the fault of a bug in the code that displays the signal bars. ... What a load of old garbage.


The patch will not fix the actual problem. ... Allowing users to touch an antenna ... will have a significant effect on signal strength. ... The iPhone 4 antenna design is certainly innovative, but ... [we] knew that a bare metal antenna was going to be trouble, as soon as we saw the pre-production unit. ... The natural assumption was that Apple would cover it with a transparent film; I can only speculate as to why they didn't.

What did Jesus Diaz do? He called AppleCare, that's what:

I was secretly hoping that the software update would magically fix the iPhone 4's antenna design. ... Unfortunately, the cosmetic change to the bar display ... will not fix the transmission/reception problem. ... We called AppleCare three times today to confirm it. ... Their response was immediate and unequivocal ... in the three cases.


There is an antenna interference problem. ... Hold the phone differently. ... [Or] buy a case or one of Apple's $30 bumpers. ... The incoming software update will not fix this antenna problem, only change the way the phone displays the available signal.

Brad Sams draws Microsoft parallels:

The iPhone 4 reception issue is quickly blossoming into ... the same scale as the Xbox 360 red ring of death. ... Apple has reversed track and said that it cannot be fixed by the Apple software update. ... Although everyone seemed to already know that this was the issue, this is the first time we have heard Apple ... admitting that they have a design flaw.


How Apple will finally amend the issue is still unknown. They could provide all users a free bumper case ... Apple is probably working up something that will hopefully appease most users. ... Apple has a substantial pile of cash in its bank accounts.

Eric Calouro agrees:

[The advice] from AppleCare ... is complete rubbish. ... There is a serious design flaw with the iPhone 4 and Apple needs to start distributing free rubber bumpers.


Apple’s not in a great position. ... The company has some serious deciding to do. ... There’s an army of iPhone 4 users who aren’t the happiest of campers.

John Brownlee despairs of Cupertino:

Come on, Apple. This is nuts. ... It’s time to just start bundling bumpers with the iPhone 4 and be done with it.

Jonny Evans rolls his eyes:

For all the attempt Apple made to direct attention toward its ... software fix for one of the problems, you’d almost think it was trying to divert attention from the other one.

Yikes! Filip Truta even ventures the "L" word:

Apple’s response to the iPhone 4 antenna issues is beginning to look more and more like a big fat lie.

But Fake Steve Jobs is zen:

The soccer moms are ... not paying attention to any of this ... and they don’t want to know. ... They’re busy running to yoga class and picking up the kids after school. ... And if you don’t believe that there are consumers this clueless, trust me. ... There really are loads and loads. ... They are by far our best and biggest customers.


So take that, blog commenters. You can debate and argue 24-7 ... how many dBs of attenuation you can get. ... Go wild! Knock yourselves out. ... Peace out and namaste.


And Finally...

Pulling the cheese

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