The official word on Froyo

Android 2.2 Froyo

In case you missed it, muchachos, it's officially official: Froyo is here.

Google has now confirmed it's rolling out the Android 2.2 upgrade to Nexus One users near and far. Regardless of your carrier, if you have a Nexus in your pocket, you should be seeing Froyo within a few days. Google says most users will get the automated update over-the-air by the week's end.

A near-final version of Android 2.2 started hitting Nexus One devices last Wednesday. Over the weekend, Android Power brought you proof of that partial rollout (believe you me, some folks who hadn't received it were suffering from a serious case of denial). Now, less than a week later, shazam: Here we are.

The final edition is build FRF85B, a small step up from the version sent out to users last week.

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Android 2.2: What About the Rest of Us?

If you aren't a Nexus One user, this is still news worth celebrating: We knew all along that Google's flagship phone would be the first to see the Android 2.2 update. Now that its rollout is well underway, other phones are likely to get their Froyo fixes soon, too.

The original Motorola Droid is widely suspected to be next in line. If the latest bits of intelligence prove true, Droid owners will find Froyo on their phones sometime in July. Verizon's new Droid X should get the upgrade around the same time, or possibly the following month.

Android Power's Android 2.2 upgrade list has recently been updated with new info on several devices, including the Motorola Milestone, Samsung Galaxy S, and HTC EVO 4G (not to mention the HTC Hero and Samsung Moment -- for those phones, unfortunately, the news isn't so good). I'll continue updating that page as further Froyo-oriented details become available.

Now, however, it's time for a TCBY break. If I'm not careful, all this Froyo talk is going to take a serious toll on my waistline.

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