Sometimes these things just slip our minds

User stomps up to the cubicle of this tech who's responsible for backups and snaps, "You need to restore my spreadsheet!"

"Normally, people start a conversation with hello, but I let that go," says fish. "I asked her, 'Where is that spreadsheet?' She responded, 'It's on my laptop.'"

I'm sorry, fish tells her, but I don't back up laptops. If it was important, it should have been kept on a server.

"No, you don't understand," user says. "I need that spreadsheet!"

Fish responds patiently: No, you don't understand. I don't back up laptops. If that's an issue, you can speak with my manager who sits right there.

User crosses the aisle to manager's cube and humbly knocks. "Hi, Fred," she says. "I need to get my spreadsheet back."

Manager: Where do you keep it?

User: "It's on my laptop."

Manager: I'm sorry, but we don't back up laptops. You should have kept it on a server.

"I did not inform the user that she should check the trash can on her laptop," admits fish.

"My manager didn't, either."

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