And will she appreciate it? Not a chance

User in this office constantly complains to anyone who will listen about how busy and underappreciated she is at work, reports an IT manager pilot fish nearby.

"I knew what she was doing all day because a had a pretty good view of her screen through my office window," fish says. "It was true that she was quite busy all day -- playing solitaire. Her gaming skills probably did go unappreciated."

And when fish gets a new remote-access application, he knows just how to test it in stealth mode: He joins this user's Solitaire session, moving some cards into play, undoing the user's moves and taking cards for a trip around her screen.

From his vantage point, fish can see the user struggling to take back control of her mouse -- and looking around the office to see if anyone else has noticed.

Later that day, as fish walks past the user's desk, she asks him if anything weird is going on with the computers.

"What do you mean by weird?" fish asks innocently.

"Oh, I don't know, the mouse moving on its own or something," user says.

Fish replies, "The only thing I heard of lately was the solitaire virus. It takes control of your computer and eventually reformats your hard drive while you play solitaire. But we're too busy here to play games, so we shouldn't see the problem."

After that, fish notices that the user stays off solitaire for the next few days.

"She stayed off it completely when I created a little custom dialog box called Solitaire.exe," says fish. "When a user tries to call up Solitaire, a dialog box pops up and says, 'Shouldn't you be working instead? Click Yes.'

"I omitted the 'No' button, of course."

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