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Support pilot fish gets a call from a user who says her monitor won't come on.

"I ask if she's checked that the power cable and video cable are plugged in tight on the back of the monitor as well as on the system unit," says fish. "She says she's already checked that and they're all connected.

"She then offers that the power light on the monitor is on, but there just isn't any picture.

"I ask if perhaps the system unit isn't switched on. She says she's already checked that. Power light on the system unit is on.

"I ask if she has tried rebooting the PC, and she says she's tried it twice with no luck.

"So I tell her I'll be up in a few minutes to check it out and she asks if she should leave the system on or not. I tell her she can turn it off as I'm going to have to open it anyway.

"Good, she says, since the smoke is rather smelly.


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