Google's Nexus One will be available on all four big US networks

Even though the Nexus One has had a slow start on Tmobile, you have to believe that the current flagship Android phone will have a little bit more success on AT&T...and Verizon... and now on Sprint

That's right.  You will soon be able to get a Google Nexus One on any of the four large US mobile networks.  The carriers now have to compete to offer better service and lower prices to consumers.  Something that is sorely lacking one such platform that I carry in my pocket daily.


Let's just say I'm hoping for a summer surprise.

Google also talked to Engadget today to address what has been perceived as slow sales of the Nexus One phone (when compared to the Droid or the iPhone).


A spokesperson said:

We're pleased with our sales volumes and with how well the Nexus One has been received by our customers. The Nexus One is one of a fast growing number of Android handsets which have been brought to market through the open Android ecosystem. Our partners are shipping more than 60,000 Android handsets each day compared with 30,000 just three months ago.

There are about 30,000 apps available on Android Market, which is more than double the number of apps that were available just four months ago. Additionally, we've seen app purchases increase more than 3 times in that same four month period. So we're not only seeing more developers bringing apps to Android Market, but Android users are also purchasing more apps.

So in the last 3-4 months, Android shipment rates and apps available have doubled while the number of apps purchased have tripled.  Hard to argue with those numbers.

The Nexus One is THE Android phone to have and will be until Sprint releases the WiMAX Supersonic later this year.

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