Apple Earnings Call Q4 2009 - 5PM Eastern Time

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Tim: Air freight is going up abnormally due to a specific product which they can't talk about.  Perhaps there is something here.

Tim: Benefits of Carrier exclusivity -- pulls out the "innovation - just look at visual voicemail", then says "ask the carriers."  Didn't want to say that you can get bigger margins out of consumers.

Tim: China -- China Unicom 1000 points of Sale $18-$100/month.  at $100/month plan -- device is free.

Tim: iPhone 3GS inventory caught up in late September/Early October.  Now there are 2 million in inventory.  Tim wishes there was more inventory - mostly for China.

5:23 - Next Quarter prediction: 30 percent margins (lower than normal)

5:20 - New Accounting for iPhones and AppleTV

5:18 - Cash $34 Billion up from $31 Billion.

5:18 - New Stores: 2 in France, one at Louvre and another in NYC - Upper West Side

5:15: Stores.  Up 26 new stores, best quarter ever. First time more international expansion beat domestic.  Also updated 70+ stores

5:13 Peter - iPhones in China this month, also more carriers in UK and Canada. JD Power associates - iPhone adding to lead in both consumer and business over next closest category.

5:13 - iPhone 7.4 million handsets - (Company Record) - though they expanded inventory.  Sales rose 38%.

5:11 - Peter:  iPods down. iPod touch up 100% year over year.  $199 price point and free school player. Still more than 70% of the market

5:10 Peter Snow Leopard - going over specs. 

5:09 - Peter: More Macs than ever - 3.05 Million sold.  42% year over year growth in Asia.

5:07 - Peter: Most profitable quarter ever.  More Macs and iPhones than any quarter ever.

5:05 - Tim, Nancy and Peter joining us today.  We're hearing the typical "forward looking statements" stuff

5:00 - They look like they are running a little late - there have also been some issues with the webcast.

Apple just posted its earnings - 1.67 Billion for the quarter.

They sold over 3 million Macs! - a 17 percent unit increase.  The most they've ever sold in any quarter in history.

Sold 10.2 million iPods - a 8% decline.  I think they might have sold a few more Touch products if they had cameras (just sayin').

“We are thrilled to have sold more Macs and iPhones than in any previous quarter,” said Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO. “We’ve got a very strong lineup for the holiday season and some really great new products in the pipeline for 2010.”

“We are delighted with our September quarter and fiscal 2009 results,” said Peter Oppenheimer, Apple’s CFO. “For the full year, we grew revenue by 12 percent and net income by 18 percent in extraordinarily challenging times. Looking ahead to the first fiscal quarter of 2010, we expect revenue in the range of about $11.3 billion to $11.6 billion and we expect diluted earnings per share in the range of about $1.70 to $1.78.”

There is growing speculation that there will be a product release tomorrow.  iMacs, MacBooks and Minis seem to be on order.  No event means no tablet or revolutionary features.


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