?This IT pilot fish works in a sheriff’s office, and she fields a support request from one of the officers: “I was moving my e-mail to a folder and I accidentally deleted it. Help!”

Says fish, “Normally, officers in this part of the sheriff's office have their own internal support due to the nature of their investigations, and also because they only use Macs.”

But fish is willing to take a quick look at the server, and finds no evidence of the e-mail having been deleted. Fish suggests that the officer search through his e-mail for the subject line of the message, and give her a call back if he has problems.

Five minutes later, he calls. He has searched his e-mail, he says, and he can't find the message.

OK, fish thinks, it’s time to get basic.

I’d like you to search your hard drive using the subject line of the e-mail as the search string, she tells the officer.

“How do you do that?” he asks.

Open up Finder and at the top right there's a magnifying glass. That's search, fish says.

“But I searched my e-mail already,” officer insists. Fish patiently explains that she wants him to search his whole computer, not just e-mail. Give it a shot and call me if you can't find it, she says.

“Five minutes later I got an e-mail from him,” says fish. “It said, ‘I found it, thanks so much for your help! I had dragged it to the desktop!’

“Then I noticed his signature: Computer Forensics Investigator and Apple Certified Technician.”

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