Hoarders: special IT edition

Pilot fish is looking at what's taking up disk space on one of her servers. Not surprisingly, some of the biggest files are archives of Microsoft Outlook messages from one user.

But the files have names like Do Not Use__archive1.pst (size: 3,263,697 KB) and Archive4(dont open-is broken down).pst (size: 7,070,993 KB).

"Broken? I wonder if it's because the file size is 3.5 times larger than the maximum that Outlook supports," grumbles fish.

"Most people, when they have a corrupted file, they just delete it. This user is keeping the PSTs in hopes that someday the technology will become available to allow him to open his broken archives and recover his e-mails from them.

"I bet you this guy is paying to have his body cryogenically frozen as well!"

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