It's about time

Support pilot fish gets a call from a user -- which is actually an unusual event. "Users are normally supposed to e-mail into the help desk so we can track the issues they are having," fish says.

"This user said she was calling because her e-mail wasn't working."

Turns out she's getting a message that her e-mail is over the storage limit and she can't send out any e-mail. She tells fish she has archived her older e-mail, but the system still says she's over the limit.

Fish quickly checks the server, and discovers no evidence of any archiving. Either she never archived it or the archiving isn't working at all.

So he walks the user through the process of checking her archiving settings. Turns out archiving is turned on.

But a little deeper into the settings, fish spots the problem: She has things set up to archive any e-mails she hadn't read or modified in 31 years.

"I asked her, 'How long have you been with the company,'" says fish.

"Her response was 'about five months.'

"I told her to set the criteria to one or two months and that she would be fine."

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