Because you just can't be too careful

Big boss's PC gets a virtual memory error, so this support pilot fish is sent to look at the problem.

"He had lots of things open, so the error was not a surprise," says fish. "And his system only had 512 MB of memory to begin with.

"I knew we had some memory in our office that would upgrade his system memory to 4 GB, and I told him I would be right back to correct the problem."

Fish collects the RAM, and the memory upgrade goes without a hitch. In fact, according to the big boss, the upgraded system even boots faster than before.

But as fish is leaving his office with the old memory module in his hand, the big boss asks, "What happens to that chip?"

Fish explains that he has replaced the old memory with another chip and he now has more system memory, so this chip isn't needed.

Big boss says, "You're not understanding my question. What happens to my files that are on that chip in your hand?"

Fish stifles his laughter. "I explained to him that information is not retained on the chip and everything he was working on, including his files, is still on his computer. He asked, 'Where at?' I pointed to the hard drive and said 'There.'

"This satisfied him and I was allowed to leave with the old 512 MB chip in hand."

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