Microsoft Courier dual screen tablet concept revealed

Last night, at the Gizmodo Gallery in downtown Manhattan, Gizmodo revealed a video of a new concept product from Microsoft.  Dubbed "Courier", the product looks like an entirely new device segment from the world's leading software and operating systems vendor.

Although not a traditional tablet, the device looks to compete with current and upcoming tablets including those from Amazon and Apple. Apple, widely expcted to reveal a tablet in the coming months, will have to compete with the publicity that this concept is generating.


The device has two multi-touch screens that fold together like a book.  When closed it could double as a notebook if it weren't for the devices LED indicators on the side.  Its features also include a 3 megapixel camera, Wifi, headphone jack and it looks to have an inductive charging pad.

The Courier appears somewhat similar to the One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) XO-2, though it is a little smaller.  However instead of being used as a laptop it is meant to be used like a MoleSkine.

Gizmodo promises additional information in the coming days.  The video they posted on their site has some of the details.

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