iPad A4 CPU to power iPhone 4G and AppleTV? Bloggers discuss...

The Apple job posting that Seth discovered turns out to be fodder for some engaging rumors. Perhaps the A4 CPU is going into the iPhone 4G and a future AppleTV (along with iPhone OS 4.0). In IT Blogwatch, bloggers chew the cud and pontificate.

By Richi Jennings. February 23, 2010.


Your humble blogwatcher selected these bloggy morsels for your enjoyment. Not to mention Leadership Lessons from Dancing Guy...     Seth Weintraub mongers rumors:

Apple, in a job posting last week ... states that Apple is taking their iPhone OS and putting it on new platforms. ... Which platforms? There are so many. ... With the iPhone OS and a Apple's own processors, the AppleTV could be made into something much smaller and cheaper.


But, if it moved to iPhoneOS, it could be sold for free with a small cable TV-like subsidy. ... With the iPhoneOS, it would instantly have access to 100,000+ apps ... and the interface would be familiar to the millions of iPhone/iPod and iPad owners. ... There are no shortage of ... uses for Apple's Processor/iPhoneOS architecture. ... Make no mistake, new product lines are being built as we speak.

Rene Ritchie had a similar thought:

Apple TV ... [has] been referred to as a big iPod for your TV. ... It remains in a sort of no-mans land, with more functionality than an iPod nano but far less than a proper Mac OS X machine. ... The set-top box market is nebulous at best, but Apple chose to engage it ... we wonder if they wouldn’t do better engaging it ... with the iPhone OS and its 150,000 apps.


The iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad all handle interactions via capacitive multitouch input. ... I don’t think there’s a single 52? multitouch capacitive HDTV on the market. Apple has patents for Wii-mote style motion controllers that could fake fingers (if not touch) but they also have the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad — all of which [can] serve as pretty good controllers.

Nicholas Carlson gets the joke:

We can't see a touchscreen OS working on an Apple TV (who's got that kind of reach?), but... let the rumors begin!

  Computerworld first noticed the [job] posting. ... [But] isn't there a a required skill missing? Something about "being able to withstand Steve's withering insults?".

Devindra Hardawar ventures vertically:

Smartphone chips are the new hot-ticket item in the semiconductor industry. But they can also be used in more than just smartphones, as the iPad shows.


Apple ... is the only major tech company out there that controls both the hardware and software of its devices — something both Microsoft and Google are likely wary of.

Chris Foresman recalls Jobsian statements:

Regardless of what specific products result ... it only makes sense for Apple to leverage the architecture as widely as possible given the investment the company has made.


When Steve Jobs revealed that Apple was moving to x86 processors after years of using PowerPC, he said that OS X was always intended to be "platform independent."

Mark "Sumocat" Sumimoto still wants an iPhone Nano:

The platform I’d like to see is a simple phone, opening the door to an iPhone nano + iPad / phone + tablet combo as an alternative to the traditional smartphone + notebook combo. Plenty of possibilities out there. Where do you think this new engineering manager should start?.

But the anonymous Edible Apple gnomes hum and haw:

Interesting theory, but ... Apple has never been about the low end, and low end versions of a product like the MacBook would a) eat into margins and b) potentially hurt iPad sales.


For all we know, Apple is keen on bringing up the iPhone OS to run on entirely new kinds of hardware that don’t even exist yet. What we do know, though, is that Apple views its iPhone OS and ARM architecture combo as a 1-2 punch with plenty of room to grow.

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